1.What Is Open Data?

Data that any individual can use freely and without technical, financial or legal restrictions, as well as reuse and dissemination, taking into account the methodology of open data .

2.What are the conditions for using open data?

  • User must not misrepresent this data or its source.
  • Do not use this data for political purposes or to support illegal activity or any activity that is illegal or in violation of the laws and legislation of the Kingdom.

3.What is the purpose of open data?

  • Promoting transparency and citizen participation .
  • Improving the efficiency of government services
  • Provide opportunities to create new products and services
  • Opportunities to create new business and economic opportunities .
  • Getting new knowledge by merging multiple data sources and processing large-scale data.

4.How to download open data?

Files available in Excel, CSV, XML, and JSON

5.How to find out new data?

You can see the new data in the latest order.

6.How to suggest more data?

We welcome suggestions to publish more open data sets. Please follow the suggested steps: Get Involved and dataset suggestion .

8.How to report an error was found in a dataset?

Data quality is very important to us. If you find an error, let us know.

To report: Contact us then choose another.

9.How to request data can not be found?

If the data you're looking for is not on the open data page, you can use the search engine or a data group suggestion page.

10.Who will have access to the data and how it is used?

This data is available to all beneficiaries.

11.Want to see open data guidelines policies?

The policies and guidelines are available on the site.

12.Where can I find a list of all open datasets?

You can refer to the datasets, which lists all official data sets on data.gov.sa You can also view data by group, publisher, or resource.

13.Are open data valuable? How can it benefit government agencies?

Yes, providing economic opportunities, empowering citizens, enhancing government transparency.

14.Can government agencies publish their data in open data?

Yes, any government agency can add data files in a simple way

15.are There any limitations on how to use open data?

Open data is available to all beneficiaries. There are no restrictions on the use of open data.

16.I have an idea or a note on how to improve open data. How can I share my idea?

We are always ready to take a look at the new ideas

17.How can I view column and row details for a dataset?

You can see details of columns, number of rows, and view a sample of data by choosing View Next to the desired file

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