Open Data Workshop

The E-Government Program “Yesser” organizes the "open data" workshop, which is the data owned by government institutions (such as economic, demographic and road accident statistics) and publishes it online so that anyone can obtain, use and re-publish them freely and without technical, financial or legal restrictions. Taking into consideration the legal controls under which such data were published. Open data are recent practices in developing services and government administration around the world. For more information:


Datathon: large media data challenge

It is an event responsible for analyzing a large media data. In which more than 100 specialized and interested young men and women participated in, in order to develop a media monitoring bulletin board and keep pace with the future technologies developments, in the context of monitoring and analyzing media data.


International Open Data Day

Event description: It is an annual event that takes place globally, Saudi Arabia participates in the event in order to promote awareness and use of open data. As well as implementing it in the public sector, business sector, and the community.

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