Thakaa Center- Artificial Intelligence in Business Strategy

Artificial intelligence has the potential to radically transform every business just as the Internet has done in years past, and even more. From offering smarter products and services, to helping make better decisions and improved business processes (or even automation). Sign up now:


Thakaa Bootcamp- Data analysis and performance indicators measurement for enterprises

The bootcamp aims to train and educate entrepreneurs in data analysis, exploration and understanding of their enterprise data in a better way and a clearer vision. In addition to the basics of using one of the most popular data analysis tools, the camp contains different theoretical, practical and interactive workshops. Sign up now:


Workshop- Effective tools to raise your business through data

This workshop targets the owners of start-ups and entrepreneurs and seeks to provide them with modern technology tools that help raise the performance of enterprises, and increase their growth. Sign up now:


Thakaa Bootcamp- Creating reports using technology Tool

Learn the basics and skills of producing and building reports in your daily work using Lexer tool. Data analytics as a service helps your organization discover business value without the hassle of managing a data team. Even if your organization is unsure of how to leverage data to amplify and maximize ROI and turn it into a data-driven. Sign up now:


Saudi Data Community- Predicting the unemployment rate for Saudis using Google search queries

Saudi Data Community: Predicting the unemployment rate for Saudis using Google search queries Attend this event through this link: 7:30-8:00 PM


Thakaa Bootcamp- Data Analysis for Non-Technical Facilities

Learn about the role of data science and artificial intelligence in serving non-technical enterprises and how to analyze data through specialized tools and programs. Sign up now:


Thakaa Workshop- Customer Experience and User Journey with Google Analytics

Learn the key points of a great customer experience and the tools to develop it Agenda: customer journey User Experience (UX) Usage and modeling series Key UX Design Features Measure customer experience with Google Analytics Sign up now:


Thakaa Bootcamp- Best Practices for Automation and Data Analytics in E-Commerce

In this camp, we explore the importance of researching data, which is a valuable tool for process automation, as it analyzes and makes suggestions to improve performance, improve marketing campaigns and user experience. Sign up now:


Thakaa Center- Intelligence and Data Privacy

Graph of digital computations on different forms of artificial intelligence More details: Privacy by design Differential Privacy Secure Multiparty Computation Federated Learning Agenda: Define data privacy Data privacy policies in Saudi Arabia and around the world Data governance and privacy and its impact on artificial intelligence and machine learning Data privacy techniques Differential Privacy Secure Multiparty Computation Federated Learning Technology Sign up now:


Artificial Intelligence Challenge in investment

The AI Investment Challenge presents some promising opportunities with the aim of encouraging individuals to design new technology products that help make better decisions and achieve higher returns in the field of investment management and the use of data and AI technologies. In addition to providing a set of data sources related to the challenge tracks and real data for the Saudi stock market, participants can use them to study the market or build solutions on it (will be shared with the participants via e-mail) Sign up now:


Thakaa Bootcamp- data analysis in the travel and hospitality sector

This bootcamp aims to raise the level of awareness of owners and owners of hotels and apartments and owners of tourism and travel offices of the benefits of data analysis and artificial intelligence, and explain their multiple uses, such as the facility's dealings with customers, understanding their flow and the seasonal factors affecting that. Sign up now:


Thakaa Center-Make smarter decisions for your organization

In this bootcamp, you will learn about the importance of supporting decision-making in the success of the digital transformation process, developing the facility's efficiency in serving its customers, raising production and operational efficiency, and increasing profits. This bootcamp focuses on the marketing and sales process and the importance of making the right decisions at the right time to increase sales and profits. Sign up now:


Thakaa Center- Machine Learning for IoT Devices Supporting Artificial Intelligence

The goal of this webinar is to review the technologies and challenges that we face when using machine learning models on low-performance IoT devices. Thus paving the way for the emergence of highly efficient Internet of Things systems. Sign up now:


Thakaa Bootcamp- Analyzing data and measuring enterprise performance indicators

The Bootcamp aims to train and educate entrepreneurs in analyzing data, exploring and understanding their enterprise data in a better way and clearer insight. In addition to the basics of using one of the most popular data analysis tools. This bootcamp will include different theoretical, practical and interactive workshops. Sign up now:


Saudi Data Community-An Open Science Approach to Machine Learning in Medical and Biological Research

In this webinar, Dr. Batool Almarzouq had an overview of the impact of machine learning methodologies in biomedical research. She discussed how open science approach could help overcome the "Replication Crisis" and presented "the Turing Way" as a guide to reproducible and collaborative research practices.


Saudi Data Community- Deep Learning Basics of Computer Vision Using PyTorch

A webinar session in which Dr. Gharib Gharibi reviewed the basics of deep learning for computer vision by explaining the basic concepts of how neural network algorithms work in the field of deep learning and then applying them directly using the famous PyTorch library Level: beginner to intermediate, no previous knowledge in this field required


Saudi Data Community- Big Data Analytics and Business Competition Webinar

In this webinar, Dr. Arief Gusnanto discussed the use of big data analytics for companies to stay ahead in the competition. We learned the challenges of big companies whose businesses are in online, retail, and services, and how they managed to utilize big data analytics to deal with those challenges and win the competition


NEOM AI Challenge 2020 Concluded

Riyadh, October 22, 2020, SPA -- Saudi Arabia highlighted its students’ capabilities in the “NEOM AI Challenge”, by challenging them to provide innovative solutions for the city of NEOM in 3 main tracks: energy, entertainment, and mobility. This challenge brought together more than 400 participants from 39 Saudi universities around the Kingdom. “NEOM AI Challenge” was aiming to create solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to face the future challenges in the city of "NEOM". It offered over SAR 500,000 prizes for the top 9 teams (top 3 in each track) who created innovative and sustainable solutions. At the final stage, participants showcased their projects into a committee with representatives from the Ministry of Education, SDAIA, and NEOM. The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) announced the winners of “NEOM Challenge” during the Global AI Summit event. The “NEOM Challenge” is one of the main tracks in the Global AI Summit, aims to empower the national youth capabilities, encourage innovation and creativity, and raise the awareness of AI locally.‏


Global AI Summit

Riyadh, October 22, 2020, SPA -- The Global AI Summit, which was held under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, was concluded today. It was held under the title "AI for the Good of Humanity" and was organized by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA). During the summit, the speech of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was delivered on his behalf by Dr. Abdullah bin Sharaf Al-Ghamdi, SDAIA's President. The speech emphasized that the year 2020 is extraordinary year to test the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), as we witness the formation of a new global normal that is redefining our ways of life, working and learning. The summit included 30 sessions, in which nearly 60 speakers participated, including ministers, leaders of global entities, academics, investors, and entrepreneurs from 20 countries. During the first day of the summit, the Kingdom launched the National Strategy for Data and Artificial Intelligence (NSDAI) with an ambitious vision to make the best of data and AI a tangible reality. The strategy aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of data and AI at the national and global levels.


Absher Challenge 2020

The number of participants in the "Absher Challenge" reached (10731) participants, and (7921) ideas were submitted. The ideas were distributed in the three stages of the competition, the first is to develop an existing service, the second is to develop a new service, and the third is to develop during crisis times remotely, which included areas of (Artificial Intelligence - Internet of Things - Drones - Blockchain - Virtual and Augmented Reality). The overall result was announced by rewarding the top three in both the existing services track and the new services track. The first place in each track won a cash prize of 100,000 riyals, the second place from each track won 50,000 riyals, and the third place from each track won 20,000 riyals. All 20 ideas that have reached the final stage will be under development in the Absher Oasis, and their owners will work to develop them with Absher employees to get the benefits of the creative ideas.


Annual Misk Fellowship Competition on the Challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals

Using health data to come up with solutions around the third goal of the sustainable development goals related to good health and well-being. Saudi Arabia is striving hard to achieve well-being and raise the standards of quality of life for citizens and residents on its lands. The sustainable development goals are among the most important methodologies that measure the progress of countries in achieving well-being and development through comprehensive indicators of various societal, health and economic aspects. The data provided by the Ministry of Health with the rest of the government agencies had a significant impact on motivating the contestants in the annual Misk Fellowship competition on the challenges of the sustainable development goals. To find innovative and quality solutions. The competition resulted in 17 initiatives, including digital solutions to health challenges, such as the disparity in the quality of health services, the health of the elderly, and the prevalence of chronic diseases. The solutions are intended to use cloud platforms to analyze, treat, and then display and predict health problems before they occur. The annual Misk Fellowship Competition was held in October 2020.


International Open Data Day

Event description: It is an annual event that takes place globally, Saudi Arabia participates in the event in order to promote awareness and use of open data. As well as implementing it in the public sector, business sector, and the community.


Open Data Datathon

Yesser (e-government program) has recently conducted the Open Data Datathon which was held on 21-23 November, 2019. The Datathon organized in collaboration with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) and the Saudi Data Community (SDC). During that event, a challenge of real world problem was introduced to 100 participants from different backgrounds such as data scientists, programmers, dietitians and entrepreneurs. The participants dedicated the 48 hours to end up with innovative solutions that impressed the judging Panel. Yesser Program has conducted such event to enhance the role of open data in decision-making process and to encourage the community participation in using open data to stimulate the economic growth and promote innovation.


MIT Hacking Medicine

MIT Hacking Medicine was held on the 29th of November 2018 in Riyadh. The three-days hackathon aimed to energize and connect the best minds across the health ecosystem to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges and to develop healthcare entrepreneurship and digital strategies to scale medicine. Organized by MIT, sponsored by KACST and Bader, MIT's largest health hackathon in the world and the first of its kind in the Middle East, where hundreds of doctors, engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs have been involved in brainstorming and building innovative solutions using open data within 10 health tracks: 1. Mental Health Hackathon 2. Brain Health Hackathon 3. Connected Health: Virtual Care & Telehealth & Telemedicine 4. Assistive Technology & Reimagining Ageing 5. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare and Forensic Science 6. Data Science for Global Health 7. Wearable Devices for Healthcare 8. Cancer Innovation Challenge 9. Human-Centered Design for Health 10. Dental Hack: Challenging Oral Care The awards were presented to the winners by His Excellency the Minister of Health and His Excellency the President of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) / # SaudiHack2018 #هاكاثون_الابتكار_الصحي


Open Data Workshop

The E-Government Program “Yesser” organizes the "open data" workshop, which is the data owned by government institutions (such as economic, demographic and road accident statistics) and publishes it online so that anyone can obtain, use and re-publish them freely and without technical, financial or legal restrictions. Taking into consideration the legal controls under which such data were published. Open data are recent practices in developing services and government administration around the world. For more information:


Datathon large media data challenge

It is an event responsible for analyzing a large media data. In which more than 100 specialized and interested young men and women participated in, in order to develop a media monitoring bulletin board and keep pace with the future technologies developments, in the context of monitoring and analyzing media data.

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