Government Procurement

Etimad Platform
● About ‘Etimad’
A comprehensive electronic platform for the Ministry of Finance services to provide various government agencies and the private sectors quickly and transparently..
● "Etimad":Services
1. Budget management for government agencies
2. Manage government competition and purchases and place it to the private sector.
3. Management of contracts and approvals from government agencies and the Ministry of Finance.
4. Management of payments for private financial claims.
5. Management of the financial rights of government employees. ..
● Advantages Etimad
Unify and facilitate procedures
Supporting transparency between government agencies and suppliers.
Reducing project failure and regularity of disbursement.
Raising the competitiveness of government projects by empowering emerging enterprises.
● Beneficiaries "'Etimad"
Government agencies, regulators, Saudi finance, centers of excellence, contractors and suppliers, researchers and decision-makers.
For more information:
• Government Tenders and Purchases Law
• Implementing regulations for Government Tenders and Purchases Law
• Updated list of tenders
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