Real-time data & API

Below a list of examples about real-time data platforms which also provide API

  • The National Geospatial Platform

Provide various national geospatial data layers related to planning and development, agricultural environment, transportation, security and safety, social, health, educational and cultural services, and commercial plots, and plots of land, through an interactive dashboard and statistical data, and the ability to connect with this platform through various software. The National Geospatial Platform

  • Interactive Platform for Coronavirus (Covid-19) Data

An interactive platform developed by the Ministry of Health, which allows the viewing of the numbers of daily cases of Covid-19 in the Kingdom, including those who have recovered, new infections, critical cases, examinations, intensive care cases, and others. The platform also allows viewing cumulative data of cases of injury, recovery, death, and others, and connection of the API to other platforms and entities. Interactive Platform for Coronavirus (Covid-19) Data

  • National Address APIs

National Address APIs provide government agencies with data services to leverage their internal systems. The API assists government agencies in acquiring Saudi Arabia maps which could be utilized for urban planning, building economic or industrial cities, etc. In addition, the API provides location-based information to these organizations. National Address API empower business to extend their existing application and platform services to their customers. The API was developed to catapult the eCommerce and online transaction scene in Saudi Arabia and is publicly available for all business sectors. The API allows developers who are looking to develop their own utility, add-on and plugin to use the address search, address validation services, etc. provided by the platform. Developers can benefit from the tremendous and continuously growing location database to develop tools that can be used in their applications. National Address APIs

  • Wathq platform

An online services that allow enterprises and entrepreneurs to have reliable government data to help then to develop and create new business opportunities, Wathq platform provides beneficiaries with a mechanism for direct verification of data, such as commercial records data and judicial records, by electronically linking customer systems and databases of government agencies with API technology to obtain reliable and updated data from its main source in real time. Wathq platform

  • Air Quality Index

It is a service provided by the National Center of Meteorology. It simplifies the method for identifying the status of air quality based on data received from air quality monitoring and monitoring stations. Pollutant concentrations are converted to simple numbers that can be understood by the general public and shown as specific colors. The Air Quality Index expresses the following major air pollutants: carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ground ozone (O3), sulfur dioxide (SO2), dust particles (PM10) and dust particles (PM205). Air Quality Index (AQI)

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