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Food Truck

This is an innovative step to prove of any one can use the public data that published on national Saudi open data portal and creating their own Mobile applications and using the data without need to build any backend layer.

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Open Data Machine Learning Project- Predicting the Saudi Agricultural Land Prices

Real estate agents get asked nearly everyday about land prices. Hence, predicting the expected average prices for the next years would help people to know the future market trends for their decision making. In this project, a predictive model was ...

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Healthcare Service Performance across KSA Regions

A tool that delivers insights on understanding the gaps and improvements of the healthcare services performance over the years. The aim of this analysis is to Improve health services delivery and planning by forecasting healthcare services future n...

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في البساطة تكمن السعادة والحبور، كلمة كثيرا ما تتردد علينا ولكن قد لا نتوقف أمامها لنسبر الأغوار ونعرف المعاني والأسرار،

‏1047075534 السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته اني نوره القرني فتحته ملف لي اكثر من اسبوعين وما زال الملف بانتظار موافقه وزاره الداخليه نرجو من